237130_A1_Week1_Task#1_Positioning Myself_03/03/2016.

Introducing Myself


Tangaere, Bridget. Through the lens. 2015. Photography

Hello, my name is Bridget Tangaere and I am 17 years old. Just fresh out of high-school, I am now starting a new adventure in my life with going to university. To start off university, I am creating this blog to show the different experiences that happen over my course.

I live in Wellington, capital of New Zealand but originally from Christchurch. My iwi is Ngati Porou. While at Massey I am studying a Bachelor of Design, majoring in either Visual Communications or Photography.

During year 12 at high-school, we created CD covers for a created band of our choice. This is where my love for design began. With being influenced by nature and my band being called ‘La Flor’, I had created album covers electronically and through collage involving mainly flowers. In my last year of college at Queen Margret College, I started taking photography for the first time ever.

This is where I decided to bring back that influence of nature into my work and creating collage pieces including flowers and nature. During this time, I also had to create different types of media to advertise a created company, this is where I fell in love with Visual Communications Design. Since doing these two subjects at school this is where my hobbies began. Creating different types of media and doing casual photography.  I love the idea of being able to express perspective or point of view through photography or design, being able to show who you are through an image.

Through doing this course, I hope I am able to understand different perspectives and being able to expand how I see visual images and how I am able to understand what the image is trying to portray. I can’t wait to see what happens as the course begins.