237130_A1_Week1_Task#1_Influences and Aspirations_06/03/2016.

Artist Influences and Aspirations

Rocío Montoya. Illustrations, Paper Collage and Print Magazines

Montoya, Rocío. H Y P N O P O M P I C- 4. H Y P N O P O M P I C. Photography.

From City Silhouettes series. Jasper James. Photography.

James, Jasper. Untitled.City Silhouettes. Photography.

Zim & Zou. Kindling and Plastic

Zim & Zou. Frame B. Frame B. 2011. Photography.

UNTITLED F-304 from False Food series. Jerry Takigawa. Photography and plastic pieces

Takigawa, Jerry. UNTITLED F-304. False Food. Photography.

During my last year at school doing design and photography, I had come across artists and designers that have really inspired me to become a designer or photographer myself. My main influences are Rocío Montoya, Jasper James, Zim & Zou and Jerry Takigawa. These artists are inspirational because I love the idea of being able to hand-manipulate work and make it into something different and visually effective.  Each artist has their own style and I want to bring different styles into my design or photography work.  By using these four artists as inspiration, I would like to create my own original art style.