237131_A2_Week9 _ Glossary _04/10/2016.

Words and definitions are gathered from  “Ngā tikanga o te marae” (Rawinia Higgins and John C. Moorfieldo) and maoridictionary.co.nz

Hui – to gather, to meet, to assemble

Manuhiri – visitors, guest

marae ātea – courtyard

wharenui – meeting house, where guests are accommodated

waerea – protective incantation (series of words said as a magic charm or spell)

karakia – to recite ritual chants, say grace, pray, recite a prayer, chant.

mākutu – ability to inflict physical or physiological her or death through spiritual powers.

wero – a challenge delivered by the tangata whenua to the visitors to determine the nature of the encounter.

Tangata Whenua – at home, to be natural

taki – dart

waewae tapu – newcomer, rare visitor.

karanga – to call, to shout, to summon, to call out.

whaikōrero – formal speech

whakaeke – to attack, insult, invade, alight.

haka pōhiri – welcoming haka, ceremonial dance.

rau – green leaves

paepae – orators’ bench

whakaaraara. – warning call

tau- year, age

tauparapara – incantation to begin the speech

whare tipuna – ancestral house

mate – dead

kawa – protocols

koha – gifts or tokens of appreciation

whakanoa – to remove tapu

tangi – to cry, to mourn, weep, weep over.

waiata – to sing

harirū – to shake hands

manaakitanga – generosity, kindness, hospitality

manaaki – to support, take care of

pepeha – to say, exclaim


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