237131_A1_Week4_ Taonga Works and Values _15/08/2016.

'Maori Battalion Haka in Egypt, 1941' 1941. Alex Turnbull Library. New Zealand History. Web. 15 Aug. 2016.

‘Maori Battalion Haka in Egypt, 1941’ 1941. Alex Turnbull Library. New Zealand History. Web. 15 Aug. 2016.

1.) Choose one term from Moko Mead’s “Ngā Pūtanga o te tikanga: Underlying principals and values”, paraphrase this and explain how it can be applied to art/design. Use citations carefully to differentiate Meads ideas from your own (100 words).

“The link between tika and pono on the one hand and values on the other is that values have to do with ‘principles or standards of behavior…'” (Mead 26)  This can be applied to art/design because we as artists and designers have to understand the values and when approaching Māori art as well as any art we have to understand the principles behind the work. It is stated that tika is a true principle of tikanga (Mead 25) and being able to understand tikanga we need to understand to standards and principles that underlie tikanga which is tika and pono. We can use this when trying to add context to a piece of work.

Tika – right or correct

Pono – true or genuine

2.) Explain one way intellectual property and copyright laws are insufficient to address the misuse of taonga works. Use “Taonga works and intellectual property” to inform your response, including quotes and citations where appropriate (100 words).

One way that intellectual property and copyright laws don’t cover the misuse taonga works is the way that work is used overseas and not covered by the Treaty of Waitangi. It is said that New Zealand doesn’t have a way to make the international market accept the Treaty-complaint standards and are also unable to try and persuade other countries to adopt this reform (51). So overall this covers the use of taonga work in New Zealand but not in an international market, which could be a problem for artists as they lose their kaitiakitanga over the work.

Texts Referenced:

Mead, Sidney M. “Ngā Pūtanga O Te Tikanga: Underlying Principals and Values.” Tikanga Māori: Living by Māori Values. Wellington, N.Z.: Huia, 2003. 25-33. Print.

“Taonga Works and Intellectual Property.” Ko Aotearoa Tēnei: Te Taumata Tuatahi: A Report into Claims concerning New Zealand Law and Policy Affecting Māori Culture and Identity. Wellington, N.Z.: Legislation Direct, 2011. 29-59. Print.



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