237130_A3_Week11_ Visual Work Idea and Progression_04/06/2016.


The article attached below is showing the work of Wynne Neilly, who photographs the progression of going from female to ‘male’. I found  this work would be good for my project because it is showing the progression of a person from female to male and how it is showing both genders in one series of work. I would like to use the idea of showing both genders in one series/work.










The four images above are what I would like to look into when creating my visual work. I would like to use the idea of layering and double exposure. Fig.1 I like to take inspiration from the most because I feel it can help show the idea of showing the two genders in one image, being able to use different exposures and layers to show something else. From Fig.2 and Fig.4 I would like to take that idea of using double exposure but still being able to see through the layer and see the face.

edit one idea

edit two idea

The two images above are edits that I have created and I am exploring the ideas of layering and exposure. I have chosen images of one male and one female. I decided to have them black and white because I feel that it adds to the chilling idea of being two people in one body, and that gender can be mixed. I like both images and would like to explore this further.


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