237130_A3_Week10/11_ Defining Terms_01/06/2016.

Defining terms:

Week 10:

Visual Activism – Visual Activism is the use of visual means to portray a message related to a certain issue in society or world-wide.

Citizenship – a persons place within a time or place.

Change Agents – A person in or out a group/ movement/ organization that helps to transform/ positively change it. For example change effectiveness, improvement and development.

Cultural critics – is a critic that is given to a culture, could be considered as a generalization of the particular culture involved.

Protest – a statement or movement expressing dislike or objectification towards something. Protests can be peaceful or violent.

Resistance – refusing or resisting to comply / accept something. This could be social or political.

Week 11:

Agency – an action or intervention producing a certain effect. For example, an invasion of a country could result in an on-going effect of change.

Social Responsibility –  this suggests that the ethnicity of a person or organization, has an obligation to benefit society as a whole.


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