237130_A3_Week11_ Research Into Gender Stereotypes_30/05/2016.

Adrian Bernal

This article touches on a model called Adrian Bernal who is fronting a magazine article around the ideas of gender-bending. Here he is dressed in clothing like plastic skirts, masculine kilts and vests. In contrast to the clothing, he has a buzz cut look and even though he has a masculine look to him, the clothing chosen is blurring the lines between the two genders.

From this I believe that this is breaking the gender stereotypes and showing what is part of being a person in the 21st century citizen and how gender plays a big part in what person you actually are.

(Article link below)


Kelly Reemtsen

Kelly Reemtsen is a fine-arts painter who paints pictures of women from the neck down to the calfs who are wearing 60s styled dresses. In the paintings the figures hold some type of tool like an axe or spade. I found this artist interesting because it is taking two stereotypical objects and putting them into one image.

I really like the way she has introduced these two stereotypes into one image and I would love to use this idea when creating my final work.

(Artist page below)





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