List at least 12-20 things in total (at least 3 under each heading)

  • Planning and Preparation

– The Essay Preparation presentation from Week 8.

– Week 4, Task #2A-C making me create a mind-map and re-write the question helped me to understand it better.

-Week 4, Task #3E as this was researching under my essay question/topic.

  • Writing Skills

-Week 4, Task #3A for starting to write a critical response.

-Week 4, Task #1B for reading on how to write for university standards.

-Week 4, Task #1A for researching about what an analytical essay is and what is required within the essay.

  • Content and Visual Text Analysis Tools

-Week 4, Task #3A fro being able to critically look at a visual text and understand undying ideas.

-Week 4, Task #4B for fining my own visual texts that relate to the ideas based around Mirzoeff  and being able to analyse these critically.

-Week 4, Task #4C for a visual analysis and creating some type of format I can follow when analysing other visual texts.

  • Research and Information Gathering Tools and Protocols

-Week 5, Task #2 using a text from the course reader to be able to gather tools for researching and information finding.

-Week 6, Task #1 for the use of key words to create some type of research bank that  I can use later when writing my essay.

-Week 6, task #3 for offering videos that don’t only reference visual texts but also verbal texts, being able to reference these people who are concerned with the same idea.



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