237130_A2_Week7_Task#4_Question to Topic Question_11/05/2016.

You will by now have some good background knowledge on your essay topic.

  • Revisit the ideas you are addressing in your essay and list them.

-Gender influences on self-portaiture

-14th Century Renaissance portrait influences

-Introduction of photography into self-portraiture

-21st Century selfie taking

-Manipulation of images.

  • Re-read your essay question.

– ‘How to see yourself’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 1. 31-69) draws attention to the changing nature of imagining, and of imaging identity and ‘the self’. Discuss some of the different ways that representations of identity have shifted over time. Draw upon some of Mirzoeff’s examples to explain different concerns artists, photographers and others have had about identity which have influenced the kinds of visual texts they produce. Use least one example from Mirzoeff and find 1-2 other examples. The discussion should explore historical change or how a marginalised identity confronts dominant identities.

  • Show your selected visual texts and discuss your ideas with your friends, peers, whanau, family, parents or flat-mates– this is a helpful focus exercise because you will have to explain your thinking to people who might be fresh to the ideas and the relationships you are making between those and the visual texts.

When showing the visual texts, I had to explain what they related to and the connections back to the overall main ideas that Mirzoeff is trying to show us. The images I have chosen for my gender referencing paragraph are good because through pervious analysis I have the evidence to back-up my claims being made. Also the main image for my 14th century portraiture paragraph is good as Mirzeoff has used this image to explain his ideas that I can also relate back to my idea too.

  • What are their thoughts? Did they have a different perspective?Or did they offer you different or new ideas to think about?

Their thoughts were that I had to make sure I am clear with my historical facts as well as making sure that the evidence is relevant. Also making sure that citations are correct and images are relevant to the idea.

  • What questions did they ask you?

They asked me how I was going to approach talking about each topic which is going to be through the history from the 18th century through to the 21st century.

Following on from above:

  • List the 3-5 key ideas you have focused your essay discussion on.

-Representations of identity changing overtime.

-The evolution of self-portraiture

-The history of self-portraiture form 19th century to 21st century

-The manipulation of images and power of the artist

  • Turn the 3- 5 key ideas into questions.

-How has the representation of identity changed overtime?

-What is the evolution of self-portraiture?

-How has the history of self-portraiture changed from the 19th century to the 21st century?

-How does the artist manipulate the image and have power over it?

  • Then turn each question into a succinct single sentence statement.

-The representations of identity have changed overtime.

-The evolution of self-portraiture is shown through history.

-Self-portraiture has changed overtime from the 19th century to the 21st century due to the introduction of technology.

-Due to having power over the image, artists are able to manipulate and change the image.

  • Re-read your essay question and the different re-phrasings of it you made in I/S Wk4.
  • Do the single sentence statements relate to your essay question?

I think that these statements relate to my essay question because I have taken words from the essay question and tried to expand them to be able to use them to create an argument or agreement with ideas stated within Mirzoeffs chapter.

Write a paragraph by combining each of the single sentence statements and connect these to the ideas in essay question you are answering. Revise and edit it and upload as a Blog Post for this week (100-170 words)

(Cite all source material–in-text citations and bibliographic citations: MLA captions; MLA in-text referencing for online sources, lecture presentations, video presentation).

In this essay question, it asks me to question how the representations of identity have changed overtime. When looking into this question, I questioned how the evolution of self-portraiture is shown through history. When researching for the history around the evolution of self-portraiture, I found that self-portraiture has changed overtime from the 19th century to the 21st century due to the introduction of technology. Here I was able to investigate how technology has changed the showing of the self and due to having power over the image, artists are able to manipulate and change the image. Here I was able to understand that technology and the artist are able to manipulate the image and how this has effected the showing of self-portraiture through-out history.

Reflect on this paragraph and consider it as a possible draft for an introduction or conclusion?

This could be a draft for an introduction but I feel that this wouldn’t be a strong introduction because I feel it doesn’t go in depth enough about the ideas that Mirzoeff is trying to portray in this chapter. For the introduction I need to establish his ideas as well as my own in relation to the chapter. I need to also state visual texts being used.

Texts Referenced:

(Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “How to See Yourself”. How to See the World. London: Pelican, 2015. 31-69. Print)


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