237130_A2_Week6_Task#4_Reflection on Learning_29/04/2016.

Previous 6 Week Reflection:

Reflect on the previous 6 weeks and consider what your learning been. You can refer to the following questions as prompts.

• From a personal perspective what has been the most interesting to you so far in this paper?

• Think about the content, readings, resources, tasks and approach, so far. Comment on what has worked for you? Why?

• What has not worked so well for you? Why?

• How have your ideas, assumptions, knowledge’s and ways of working been challenged?

Over the six weeks when doing this blog tasks, I have found resources and created paragraphs that I can use for my essay as well as finding references and reliable visual texts that relate to my essay question. To me the most interesting part of this paper is being able to find visual texts that can relate as well as finding them from a reliable source. It has also been interesting to hear the different perspectives of people relating to my essay question and visual texts. What has worked for me is the tasks that ask to find new visual texts and being able to analyze them throughly enough to use within my essay. The videos have  been helpful when needing to understand the different ideas around an overall main idea and also finding credible resources. There have been some blog tasks that haven’t really worked for me as I felt they aren’t as helpful as some of the other blog posts. Going through analyzing texts from the course reader I feel didn’t really work for me because I feel that I can’t use this within my essay. My ideas have been challenged through introducing ways of looking at the idea through a different perspective. I has been a challenge to go away from my set of ideas and explore new ideas that can relate back to my essay question. Overall these 6 weeks have been helpful and I have now got credible resources and visual texts as well as references that I can use within my essay. Also selecting two of my best blog posts will help me create a format for writing my essay paragraphs.


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