237130_A2_Week6_Task#3_Contextual Knowledge_28/04/2016.

Videos Related to Essay Question and helping to understand contextual knowledge.

Critically Evaluate one or more of the selected video presentations by considering the following: (50-150 words)

• What is the topic of video/s?

• What questions does this raise for you?

• How might the relevant issues, events, ideas, calls to action, debates, and the points raised be integrated into your essay.

• Do you to think issues like this are important for of artists or designers to think about – explain why?

Reflection: How are you now more informed about the subject than you were before watching this?

Video One: “6 Artists On Black Identity.”

The topic of this video is how the black society are seen within the visual world. As said by Kerry James Marshall, we now live within a material world that shapes our expectations. If we don’t see different ethnicities with museums then we won’t expect it and we won’t be able be comfortable with our identity. This raised the question of what type of identity is shown within the visual world, and how we can break out of only portraying white ethnicity. These points can be used in my essay because it can help put an understanding to why people created self-portraits, as it was confirming what identity they wanted to hold. To be proud of who they are. These issues can be important for artists and designers because it help create a contextual idea of how to look at themselves as an artist, how they can express themselves past the color of their skin. This can used to change the visual world to start accepting people past the color of their skin or who they identify themselves with.

Video Two: “Personal Identity Is Complex and Intricate.”

This video touches on the idea of how people identify with the Māori culture and whether people are actually Māori or not. Here they discussed how it is believed that you can only identify yourself as Te Aro Māori if you speak the native language. This raised the question of how as a community we can come together to identify as one, whether or not they do or do not speak Te Aro Māori. These points could be integrated into my essay when it comes to talking about a specific identity to relate to, I could take the idea of how people actually identify as one and the way people can relate to self-portraits of other through relating what is actually being shown like gender, race, class etc. This also created the debate of how one thing can define your identity, for example within the video it was said that because someone didn’t speak the language, they can’t identify with that culture. This could be used when identifying gender and what you are born with and what you show to the public eye. Once again this can help the way artists perceive their identity within their art and how they want to portray it and show who they actually identify with that ethnicity.

Reflection: How are you now more informed about the subject than you were before watching this?

I am more informed about the different ways people define how you as a person can identify with a certain ethnicity. When shown visual texts we as humans can create an expectation of who we need to relate to as an identity. From this I would like to take the idea of  how self-portraiture can break the boundaries of how people relate to something like gender, class, race etc.

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