237130_A2_Week4_Task#4A_ Video Review_14/04/2016.

Toledo Museum of Art. Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking.

For this task, I watched the Toledo Museum of Art, Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking and Martin Scorsese on the Importance of Visual Literacy.

I believe that for me, the Toledo Museum of Art video got their main points across the best. I believe this because there were a lot of people used in the video including a Museum Educator and Director of other art museums. Through using people who work in the field, I believe in what they are trying to say. What I learnt from watching this video is that I need to stop when viewing an image and just take in all the information I can gather, as said by Brian Kennedy (2015) ‘ It’s only critical when you take the time to process the engagement (with the image.). I also learnt that images are becoming to complex not to ask for more information or evidence, to evaluate the image. In being visually literate, this can help me as a person understand interpretations of images as well as understand others interpretations of the same image.

Overall I believe that this video is very helpful for people who want to understand what being visual literacy is and how as a person can critically think about visual images. I would recommend to somebody to watch.

Link stated below:


Texts Referenced:

(ToledoMuseum. “Visual Literacy and Critical Thinking.” YouTube. YouTube, 18 Feb. 2015. Web. 13 Apr. 2016.)


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