237130_A2_Week4_Task#3G_ Glossary _14/04/2016.

Define x3 key concepts or terms: 

Mirzoeff’s Terms:

  1. Image – The interface of the way we think we look and the way others see us, or could mean a physical image.
  2. Performance – Where someone inside the image is trying to prove a point through creating a dramatic effect(s)
  3. Role-playing – The way that the artist has shown an idea in relation to their gender, sexuality, race or class.

My own Terms:

  1. Image – The way we want people to see us, or how we want to been seen as a person. Whether that may be showing personal status in society, this is commonly seen in teenage society.
  2. Performance – As an artist, every image is an performance. It has to create a different type of mood or effect on the viewing audience. It has to leave some type of impact about what is being portrayed.
  3. Role-playing – Through using what they might or might not have been given, artists are able to role-play into new characters or personas. This creating  a new way of portraying someone who is actually you.

Texts Referenced:

(Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “Chapter One. How to See Yourself.”. How to See the World. London: Pelican, 2015. 31-69. Print)


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