237130_A2_Week4_Task#3B_Free Writing_10/04/2016.

Free Writing

1. Do this on paper with a pen/pencil– it works best!

2. Use a timer. Set for 5mins.

3. Write as much as you recall about the chapter. Do NOT look or refer back to it–Work from memory!

4. Keep writing versus lifting your pen off the paper.

5. Stick to the timeframe–no more–no less than 5mins.

6. Take a break.

7. Then copy it – into your blog verbatim.

The selfie is a image taken on a smart phone → increase after iPhone 4 front camera (2010)

History merged in 2013 the coming together of selfie with technology e.g. Barack Obama at Nelson Mandela funeral.

The showing of self is connected with the history of showing yourself in a heroic state and through other medias like gender, sexuality, class, race.

The imperial self → Las Meninas

Painter shown within mirror of some sort. Might not be a mirror but a window. Hired to paint the daughter of Kind Phillip. The view point of people in the painting is on the King and Queen. The painter is wearing a red cross to show his loyalty to the royal family → painting in the era of Absolutism.

The Hero and the portrait.

Texts Referenced:

(Mirzoeff, Nicholas. “Chapter One. How to See Yourself.”. How to See the World. London: Pelican, 2015. 31-69. Print)


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