237130_A2_Week4_Task#1B_Writing at University_05/04/2016.

What kind of writer are you? 

Activity 16 Questions –

  • What do you think might be the advantages and disadvantages of these different ways of organizing writing?

When it came to reading these different types of writers, I found that the architect writer seems to be the best for university writing. This is because there is a lot of thought and planning happening instead of going straight into writing, which is an advantage. I believe that the diver writer and patchwork writer aren’t very good ways of writing because it can be hard to find links between points that have been written and overall would make writing the essay harder.

  • Which way of planning and shaping is most like your own approach?

My approach towards writing is a mixture between two of the styles. I like to have some type of structure for my essay or a plan like an architect writer but I also like to write down all ideas or paragraphs. I write them separately then finding links between the ideas like the diver writer.

  • How do you think your way may be different from any of these?

My way isn’t necessarily different from the ones given, they are just adapted or changed versions. Everyone’s way is different but overall relate back to these four styles in one way or another.

Describe how you plan and organise your writing for a major essay. In this discussion think about things like: considering the question, reading and researching the topic, mind-mapping or brainstorming, drafting, revision and presentation.

When organizing for a major essay, I like to firstly break down the question into sections. For example, what key words are and understanding what the question is actually asking me to do, directly and indirectly. To gather information and research for the topic I attend and re-watching lectures when wanting specific information. I like to read all the readings suggested and also do book and internet research as having multiple sources are important when finding reliable sources. Before starting the essay, firstly I create a plan or structure of how the essay is going to be formatted and what body paragraphs are going to be about, what type of introduction and conclusion.

Based on the student descriptions– explain what kind of thinker planner you identify most closely with (1 or more), and what was useful to you about reading how students describe their own planning and writing processes. 

As stated before in the activity 16 questions, I said that I felt my approach was similar to two. The architect writer and diver writer. It was useful to read the descriptions of the styles of writing because it helped me to understand what type of writer I actually am. From this I can also take the positive aspects of the different styles and incorporate them into my own style of writing. This also showed me that some aspects of my writing can be improved to become an overall better writer and thinker.

Texts Referenced:

(Creme, Phyllis, and Mary R. Lea. “Reading as Part of Writing.” Writing at University: A Guide for Students. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education, 2008. (71-76) eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 31. Jan. 2016)


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