237130_A2_Week4_Task#1A_Analytic Essay_04/04/2016.

Analytic Essay? 

When researching about analytic essays, it is typically said to be the most common essay structure used in university and is asking the person to break down a main topic into different components that are written into different body paragraphs. (QUT Write.) When writing an essay for university, Clarke states that interpreting the assignment brief is important as this can help draw out key words needed to understand what is needed to be identified within the essay. (151-155).

From the website Access to English: Social Studies, under the Analytical Essay section its states an example of a structure that can be followed when writing this essay style. Having an introduction showing your understanding of the brief given and what argument is stated within the essay, with the continuation of body paragraphs with evidence to support the argument and conclusion overviewing the main points made in the essay. (Access to English: Social Studies)

Below are URL links that I can use to have a better understand of what an analytical essay is and helpful tips:





Texts Referenced:

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