237130_A1_Week3_Task#3_Draft One_23/03/2016.

Critical Response Plan

Question – ‘Explain why the processes of looking closely and thinking critically about visual texts are important to art and design.’

Rephrasing the question – ‘Show how the process of looking closely and thinking critically is important to art and design, through visual texts.’

‘When thinking critically and looking closely at visual texts, explain why these processes are important to art and design.’


  • Use material from the three weeks
  • Take 2-3 ideas from the exercises practiced over the three weeks
  • Use a relevant short quote from a reading
  • Show argument through 1-2 visual texts with MLA captions
  • Refer to glossary and concepts related to critically evaluating and contextualizing visual texts
  • Include MLA referencing with in text referencing (paraphrasing and quotes)
  • Work Cited list, MLA style showing all material used in critical response.
  • Create a brief but comprehensive introduction, giving lots of info clearly and in a few words. Short conclusion
  • Cover page – title, paper number and name, my name, student ID, assignment number, word count and date.

Introduction – Describe the key terms of the question – definitions

  • Refer to readings on critical thinking
  • Explain why it is important to look closely and think critically about visual images and who its important to art and design.

Paragraphs – Key ideas could be

  • Context
  • History
  • Audience
  • Materials
  • What it is


Introduction – Quote or reference to text (MLA reference) Defining what critical thinking/ looking closely is, what visual texts are and the importance of these processes in art and design. Introduce the key ideas

Key idea one – connectivity through internet and impact on visual texts. (Mirzoeff)

Key idea two – context of visual images (visual analysis of visual light box)

Conclusion – Recap (NO NEW INFORMATION) once again rephrasing what processes are used and the important connection to art and design.


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