237130_A1_Week2_Task#4_Visual Text Analysis_17/03/2016.

Light Box – Visual Analysis

Shepherd, Richard. Untitled. 2015. Photography. Romance Series

Shepherd, Richard. Untitled. 2015. Photography. Romance Series. Panel from Romance Series. Personal Photograph by Bridget Tangaere. 11 March 2016.

When choosing this image to analyse, I felt the composition of the two images created a disturbed mood. The light boxes were made in 2008 but this panel was constructed in December 2015 and is on show until April 2016. Richard Shepard explains that, “The title Romance refers to the ways television pretends to offer up a collective image of happiness and to conduct our desires in a drama, a romance, of narrowly defined, little pleasures.” (“A New Romance on Courtenay Place.” News. 19 Nov. 2015. Web. 16 Mar. 2016.). This panel is part of an exhibition created for the target audience being the general public.  For this particular panel, I have a negative attitude towards it because of the distraught looks on the people’s’ faces and the gun shown above. This shows me that as a country due to television, we are used to the idea of guns and are shown violence on a daily basis. Around the panel are sitting areas and café for viewing. The area this image is placed in is part of the city center and is strategically placed here which is good for accessing the preferred audience.


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