237130_A1_Week2_Task#2_Field Trip Site Description and Analysis – Site Two_16/03/2016.

Wellington Bus Stops

Courtenay Place Bus Stop (near Body Shop)

Tangaere, Bridget. Courtenay Place Bus Stop (near Body Shop). 2015. Photography.

Taranaki Street

Tangaere, Bridget. Taranaki Street (at Vivian Street). 2015. Photography

Graves, Chelsea. ‘Group Selfie’. 2015. Photography.

The two bus stops shown above are from Courtenay Place and Taranaki Street.  These are the two main styles of bus stops you see around central Wellington. The Courtenay Place bus stop is constructed of glass with metal accents and the Taranaki stop is made of a wooden bench and metal advertising stand. I am not sure when these two stops were constructed but the sites are regularly maintained by the Wellington City Council.

These two sites are regularly used by the public and are used to be protected from the weather conditions or a place to sit until the bus arrives. With the two sites having some type of advertising around, it shows that the target audience is the general public. The audience would have responded happily to these shelters because they are able to provide somewhere to wait and are easy access. The top bus stop communicates Aotearoa through having little prints of Pohutukawa flowers around the edge of the stop, a flower that typically reminds people of New Zealand. The only lighting used is natural lighting and street lamps. With the Courtenay Place bus stop being made of glass, the natural light is very visible.

Branding, promoting and advertising are dominant in both areas, showing that bus stops are used to target the consumer market. I would visit the Courtenay Place stop more than the other because this stop is on the route of buses I take.  I overall like the design of the bus shelters.




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