237130_A1_Week2_Task#3_ Comparing and Contrasting_16/03/2016.

Comparing and Contrasting 


Shepherd, Richard. Untitled. 2015. Photography. Romance Series.  Panels from Romance Series. Personal Photograph by Bridget Tangaere. 11 March 2016.

Courtenay Place Bus Stop (near Body Shop)

Tangaere, Bridget. Courtenay Place Bus Stop (near Body Shop). 2015. Photography.

These two sites are in the same area but have big differences and similarities. One is very art originated and the other is based on practicality. One similarity between the two places are that they are very open to the public and for the public, being placed in the center of town. The light boxes were much more vibrant whereas other than being glass, the bus stop was quite a dull setting. Detail has been included into both sites but a lot more thought has been put into the construction of the light boxes, making the site more interesting in comparison to the bus stops. Another difference between the sites is the environment around the two places, the light boxes is more like a park with benches and trees whereas the bus stops are placed in an industrial area. Overall contrast is shown between the two sites.


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