237130_A1_Week1_Task#4_Reading Comprehension & The Author’s Voice_08/03/2016.

Notes to Myself – Writing from the gut. 

1896-maori koiri rafter pattern

This piece is extracted from the conclusion of a students Masters thesis, suggesting that this is a well educated student and with the beginning of the piece stating that they are a Māori student. The voice created around this piece is very personal, the author’s tone suggests that they are angered about the way Te Reo Māori students in all types of education are seen in a Pakeha dominant institutions. The main pronoun that is used is I, which enforces how this piece is considered personal. I think that the author positions themselves in a personal and political voice, talking about the ideology around Māori in high education, how they are a success.

My response to the voice, tone and approach is positive because the author has a strong voice when talking about a political issues and the way she has introduced her own person opinion into the conclusion. To me, the text was easy to understand because the ideas within the text interests me, for example the authors want to reach out to the Māori population that will never go to university, writing to her family and children for the future.

I believe that the author uses language and phrases things in a way that keeps the reader interested. By introducing their own personal experiences, this makes the overall ideas more powerful and understandable.  I enjoyed reading this text because I felt that the topic of Māori students in the education system is one that isn’t really talked about. The idea of not only representing themselves but also hundreds who don’t get this type of education.

Texts Referenced:

(Walker, Sheilagh. “Chapter seven: Conclusion. Notes to myself: Writing from the gut”. Kia taught rangimārie: Kappa Māori theory as a resistance against the construction of Māori as other. Auckland University: Unpublished Masters thesis (excerpt), 1996. 153-154. Print.)


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